House Amenities

Our families enjoy access to several amenities to help make their stay comfortable while focusing on the healing of their child. These amenities and services include:

Guest Rooms

Guest rooms include two full-size beds. Sheets and towels will be provided for you through our linen service. Our house is also staffed 24-Hours by staff and security.





Our colorful, 70- ft playroom is available for children to bond and create relationships with other children!

Our House also schedules regular interactive activities for children staying at our House





Our gym is equipped with treadmills, a stationary bike and free weights.





Theater Room

Our Theater is fully equipped with comfortable chairs, sofas and a large projector to get your movie-fix without leaving the House!




Kidzone Learning Center

Kidzone is a unique space where children age five and older have opportunities to Explore, Learn and Play.  Located on the 2nd floor of the East Wing, Kidzone Learning Center is a magical retreat away from the everyday challenges of the medical world.  Under the guidance of seasoned volunteer teachers, artists and RMHC of Jacksonville staff serving as ‘Explorer Guides’, children may choose to participate in guided  enrichment activities centered around fun and interactive themes or enjoy free play at one of the discovery stations.
Kidzone operating hours vary, please see Front Desk for details.


Meditation Room

The meditation room is a quiet space for reflection and peace.





Our loft is available for families to relax and decompress. Feel free to play the piano and express yourself through music!





Courtyard + Outdoor Play Area

Our outside courtyard is home to a large playset, basketball court, and toys!




Family Kitchen

Pots, pans, dishes and other kitchen utensils are available in our kitchen. A community pantry is stocked with food staples and paper products. Dinner is provided each night by our community partners or House Chef/Kitchen Manager.



Laundry Facilities

Numerous laundry facilities throughout the House ensure a comfortable stay. Laundry detergent, bed sheets and towels are provided for your convenience.


Rooftop Garden

Our peaceful Rooftop Garden is the perfect space to relax and unwind.
Our House also schedules regular interactive activities at the Rooftop Garden for Guests!





Saltwater Aquarium

Our beautiful saltwater Aquarium, provided by Ocean Floor Aquariums, is a House favorite for both Guests and Staff!