Additional Ways to Help

Host a Fundraiser

You can support Ronald McDonald House Charities of Jacksonville by organizing a fundraiser with your civic group, school or business. These outside fundraisers help us to provide for the families who stay with us when their child is critically ill or injured. If you decide to host a fundraiser on our behalf, we are happy to help – from providing House information to setting up a table at your event. For more information, contact us by email or by calling Claire at 904-807-4670.

Driver’s License & Tag Renewal Contribution

Florida residents can support Ronald McDonald House Charities of Jacksonville when renewing their vehicle tags and driver’s licenses. Be sure to look for the Ronald McDonald House listing on mailed renewal notices and online. Please consider adding $5.00 or more when you renew to help us to continue our mission to support families who travel to Jacksonville for medical treatment of their critically ill children.

There’s An App For That! An easy way to renew your Florida tag & license is through the MyFlorida for RLHSMV App! Don’t forget to add $5.00 to Ronald McDonald House when following the steps to renew your tag & license!


Round-Up For RMHC

Every time you visit a McDonald’s restaurant, you can help support families with ill and injured children by choosing to Round-Up for RMHC when you place your order on the kiosk or ask a crew member to Round-Up your total at the counter or drive-thru.


McDonald’s Donation Boxes

Donation Box_edit

Small change can make a big difference for our families. A dime here. A quarter there. A few loose pennies. It might not seem like much, but when thousands of people give, the amount of help those coins provide to children and families in your community is truly amazing.The RMHC Donation Boxes are one of our biggest ongoing fundraisers. It’s from people like you filling the Donation Boxes with nickels, dimes and quarters. Little by little, we can do a lot.



Wish Lists

Purchasing items from our Amazon or Target wish lists are an easy and convenient way to purchase items for our House! Check our wish list page and follow us on social media to keep up to date with our current needs.