Deck The Doors Campaign

October - December, 2023

Help us Deck The Doors of families staying at Ronald McDonald House during the holidays by providing a $10 donation towards a holiday paper light icon. On the back of each holiday paper light is an area to handwrite a special, personalized message of hope and encouragement to a family. Purchase or sell 100 holiday paper light icons and you can Deck a Door with special recognition of your group or organization’s efforts. Last year, we raised over $100,000 and placed 11,000+ holiday paper light icons featuring handwritten messages of hope throughout our House!

Get Involved!

  • Deck a Door with 100 paper light icons for $10 each ($1,000 Total)
  • Deck a Common space like our coffee bars, loft, theater, chapel, etc with 250 paper light icons at $10 each ($2,500)
  • Deck a Premium Common space like our kitchen, dining room, playroom, etc. ($5,000)

You Can Do This!

  • Our staff will provide you with everything you need to help you sell your $10 holiday paper light icons.
  • Each ‘team captain’ will receive a kit filled with everything you need to share our mission, explain the campaign and collect dollars.
  • We will provide you with digital marketing images and information to share with your family and friends online and through email.
  • Throughout the campaign, we’ll send you a weekly email highlighting fundraising ideas, groups and individuals who are on the leaderboard,  spotlighting participants, etc.
  • Any questions? Just call or email us!
Join us today and hang a lightbulb!
Are you ready to take the challenge and sign-up your group to help Deck a Door or Common Space? Contact Marina at 904-807-4670 or