How You Can Help

Pop Tabs

Go Green For The Ronald McDonald House®

The Jacksonville Ronald McDonald House wants the pop tabs off your aluminum cans! Put a container next to the vending machine at your office, school or church, and watch it fill up. Then, bring your tabs to the Ronald McDonald House. They'll be recycled for cash to help provide housing for families visiting Jacksonville while their children receive medical care.

Collecting pop tabs is a great way for everyone to get involved in fundraising for the Ronald McDonald House, and your collections help raise over $5,000 each year. Thanks for helping pick up the tab for the House program!

Collection Container Ideas

At home...
Work with a child to make your own collection container from a soup can or soda bottle. Or put a pretty vase near the kitchen sink.

At work...
Make a unique container out of an old fish tank. You can also use an empty 5-gallon water bottle or cardboard box.

At school...
Making containers is a fun art project for students. Put large containers in the cafeteria and gym or keep them in the classrooms for a competition to see who can collect the most. Younger students sometimes like to string the tabs up along a hallway and mark the tabs off by 100s to visualize quantities.

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